A Survey of California Veterinarians Concerning Public and Animal Health Needs
for Backyard Poultry and Small-scale Livestock Production


Our goal is to improve veterinary care to backyard poultry and small-scale livestock production.  You are one of a small group of practicing veterinarians in California that are being asked to participate in a short survey. Through this survey we hope to identify gaps in the current offerings and opportunities for Continuing Veterinary Medical Education (CVME) and to determine whether the current veterinary workforce has a continuing education need for poultry and livestock medicine.

Your answers will be recorded but all your information will remain confidential and no personal information about you will be documented or distributed. Your participation and responses will be kept confidential. The data we collect will be summarized before it is reported out to other Extension personnel or veterinary faculty. We anticipate that this survey will take approximately 15 minutes.


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